The mortgage process has many steps, we summarized them in 4 steps for you.


Getting a mortgage is a BIG deal, check out these 4 short videos to learn more about the mortgage process. At Mortgage Biz of Florida, your financial success is our top priority. Therefore, our team works to help you understand the basics of the mortgage process as well as to answer your questions. You need to make a smart decision regarding the mortgage loan you choose to make sure is the one that works best for you. Get in touch with us to learn more about the mortgage programs for home purchase and refinance available in Florida.


First: The Initial Document Review


During this step, we gather all the required personal financial information needed to submit a complete mortgage application. For example: pay stubs, W2s, income tax returns and bank statements.




Second: The Property Appraisal


A licensed real estate appraiser will visit the home you want to purchase to inspect it and determine its value. In fact, the appraisal report includes details like: the property’s condition, the neighborhood, recent sales of comparable homes in the area and the replacement cost of the home.




Third: The Underwriting Process


At this point, we provide the lender’s underwriting team with all the required information about you, the borrower, and the property you are looking to purchase or refinance. In the underwriting step, a person verifies the accuracy of the information provided and that all qualification requirements are met.




Finally: Clear to Close


Clear to Close is a mortgage industry term that tells all the parties involved that a mortgage loan is approved. Underwriting has validated all the key details and the lender has given us the green light to fund the purchase of your new home. This step is what we have work so hard to get to, Congrats!




How long do you think the mortgage process takes? Share with us what you think about the mortgage process. You can begin your application now or call us (561) 420-0001 to talk with an mortgage broker experienced in Florida real estate.


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